How it Works

Step 1 - Application

Here's the process for applying to the 2022 conference. Young people in grades 6-12 develop an idea and submit their application. Teams typically fall into these two age groups but any combination of grades is welcome.

  • Middle School (6-8th Grade)

  • High School (9-12th Grade)

Individuals or teams can begin the online application starting on November 18, 2021. Click here to read about this year's theme "Thriving Schools". For more details on the commitment and expectations, download the information packet.

If you began an application but missed the deadline please contact the O2 Team at info@o2conference.org.

Middle School Application

6th-8th grade

High School Application

9th-12th grade

Applications closed for 2022

Step 2 - O2 Conference

Friends and community members take their seats on Sunday, March 6 and countdown to the inspiring O2 Conference. The presenters share their ideas. The excitement builds as each group interacts with our tremendous O2 Panel of Mentors in front of hundreds of engaged listeners both in-person and online.

After the presentations are complete, the Panel will take time to deliberate. Each of the panelists will give their input on how to allocate the $10,000 to the presenters. Finally, the panelists will choose one of the groups to serve as a mentor to their winning idea. The exciting conclusion to the evening includes an Audience Award alongside the mentoring and financial awards. The hope is that everyone in attendance walks away feeling like they’ve experienced a breath of fresh air.

Step 3 - Mentorship and Project Launch

After the conference, the groups and their mentors will work together for six months developing their idea. This is one of the exciting elements that sets this event apart.

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